Eva Cherie Arts 7

About the Artist

Eva Cherie is Chatham Island born into fifth generation of Maori descendant. She lives and creates at her home studio in Owenga, Chatham Islands.

Having worked a number of years in the fishing industry, returning home to her roots, her inspiration and productivity has been boosted. Eva Cherie is a self-taught artist with her own unique style, depicting the vibrancy of colour, and the fluidity of form, she works predominantly and fluently with dry pastel – more recently creating works with acrylic on canvas.

Drawing on her experiences at sea and life on the Chatham Islands, she is inspired by seascapes, bird and fish life, as her ancestors were. Her works represent a spiritual connection with the land and sea.

Eva Cherie is an intuitive artist, using defining shapes to portray her subjects and the blending of colour to symbolise emotion and character as she understands the aura. This has reflected with her works being held in extensive private collections both nationally and internationally.